Dept of Political Science


The Dept. was established in 1961. The first Head of Dept. was Dr. Joshi V.S. The Dept has a glorious tradition of experts in Political Science. The Dept is fortunate to have good writers, political analyzers, and academicians in Political Science like Dr. Chaudhari R.N, Prof. Hingole G.L. Prof. Patil .S.G it is our pride that to state that one of the faculties of our dept. was Vice-Chancellor of Dr.. B.A. M.U. A’bad The Ex Head of the Dept. Prof. Hingole G.L. was an active member of MUCTA.

Sr. No.

 Name Duration


Dr. Joshi V.S. 1961 – 1963


Dr. Subrahmanyam K.V. 1963 – 1968


Prof. Radhaswami S. 1963 – 1965


Dr. Bennur F.H. 1965 – 1966


Prof. Doke Ramchandra 1966 – 1968


Dr. Chandhari R.N. 1968 – 2000


Prof. Hingole G.L. 1968 – 2004


Dr. Shivraj Nakade 1992 – 1993

Faculty Present               

 Name  Qualification  Designation  Specialization  No. of Years of Experience
Dr. S. G. Patil M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D., SET. HOD & Asst. Prof. Indian Constitution 06
Prof. N. D. Yechale M.A., M.Phil, NET JRF. CHB International Relation 10 (CHB)
Prof. S. V. Gadave M.A., B.Ed. CHB Indian Constitution 04 (CHB)


  1. Many of our students have entered in to different professions and services like law, education. Politics, Industrial etc.

Activities and facilities

  1. organised Two Day National Conference on Terrorism And Human  rights Political Science Study Association
  2. Debate club
  3. Separate Departmental library
  4. The dept. organizes educational tours for the students.
  5. The Departmental award to students for their outstanding performance in university examinations
  6. The Dept. organizes Remedial teachings for the students with poor performance.
  7. The Dept. organizes seminars group-discussion and debates in order to make the students well acquainted with the current issues amendments and political movement.
  8. Future plans
  9. The Dept is desirous to organize State & National level seminars, conferences & workshops on various issues
  10. The Dept is looking forward to offer P.G. Course (Political Science) with the permission of university.