Rules of Discipline

Rules of Discipline for Students

Conduct & Discipline

  1. The students in the college campus must possess the college ID duely signed by the Principal. Strict action will be taken in case of not possessing the college ID. The ID of Junior College will not be valid for Senior College.
  2. The students must take note of the Notice Board from time to time.
  3. The College will not take the responsibility if the Eligibility forms with due payment are not submitted by the end of First term.

Code of Conduct for the srudents of the College of Dayanand Education Society, Latur.

As per Marathwada University Act 1974 section 87, sub-section(1 to 8 ) and Marathwada University Regulations 126 to129, the authority for code of conduct for the students lies with the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor and for the students in the affiliated Colleges with the concerned Principal. Accordingly the following code of conduct have been created for the students of Dayanand Education Society’s Dayanand College of Arts.

  1. Students when on the campus, must possess the college ID. They should enter the college with digital ID. Students not possessing Digital ID will not be allowed to attend the classes.
  2. The Students will have to show their IDs whenever they are inquired by the Principals, Vice-Principals, Professors and the Non-teaching staff.
  3. The students should contact the concerned HODs for any queries regarding the college office.
  4. The students should maintain silence in the varandha. They should not disturb the academic / college work.
  5. The students should not harm destroy the college property otherwise group penalty will be charged.
  6. The students should not misbehave that may cause disturbance in the classroom teaching.
  7. The students should not misbehave with principal, Professors, Non-teaching staff and the girls students.
  8. While borrowing the books from the library the students should check them. If the pages are found torn while returning the student will be held responsible.
  9. Students should returns the books to the library on due dates or a penalty will be charged as per the rules of the library.
  10. While borrowing or returning the books in library and while doing official jobs students should strictly observe discipline.
  11. While on the ground, the students should follow the instructions of physical director.
  12. It is mandatory for the students to follow the instructions given by the professor while they are out of stations for Youth Festivals, Sports Competition, Debate competition Education Tour, N.S.S., Programme etc.
  13. The inaugural Function of students council will be held in a combined programme.
  14. Probably, the decisions concerning the inauguration and social Gathering will be taken in the meeting of office bearers of Association, Professors and Principal. Still, in certain situations the decisions taken by in charge professors, and principal will be final and will be mandatory for all.
  15. Students should not keep with them weapons or objects which can hurt or terrify others. Those who disobey this rule will be legally punished.
  16. The ujcle stand is available for the seweily of vehicles only in such reserved spaces.
  17. To know the complaints, and problems of students, the facility of Notice box and complaint box is provided. The separate complaint box is provided in Ladies Room for girl students. The received problems and inconveniences will be solved time to time.

Important Notice            

  1. The changes in rules done by Institution University Govt. and U.G.C. will be applicable to the students of college