Dept of Philosophy

History : Department of Philosophy was established in the year 1970.

Faculty Past :     1.Prof. V.L. Jagtap (15.06.1970 to 31.08.1992)

2. Dr. V.S.Patil (01.09.1992 to 30.04.15)


Name Qualification Experience
Prof.Dr. S.V. Salunke M.A.,M.Phil., Ph.D, SET 20 Years
Dr.S.A.Adgaonkar M.A. Ph.D 08

1)   Dr.S.V.Salunke

  1. Member, B.O.S. in Philosophy & Logic Maharashtra state secondary & Higher Secondary Board, Pune.(2007-2013)
  2. Vice President, Maharashtra Tatwadnyan Parishad.(2012-2015)
  3. Secretary,Maharashtra Tatwadnyan Parishad.(2008-2012)
  4. Attended 16 National level Conferences, 12 State Level Conferences,05 University Level Conferences, 07 Paper Presentation.
  5. Books Published-1) Neetishastra 2) Shaikshanik tattvadnyan 3) Mahatma Phule yanche Shaikshanik Vichar 4) Pashchatya Tattvadnyanatil Dravya Sankalpana 5) Samkhya,Vaisheshika tatha Vigyananusar srushti utpatti vishayak mat
  6. Member, Teacher’s Selection committee, S.R.T.M.U., Nanded.
  7. Subject expert CAS committee S.R.T.M.U., Nanded.
  8. 22 Research Papers Published in Various ISSN Mark Research Journals.
  9. Research Supervisor( Philosophy) SRTM University,Nanded.
  10. Member,BOS in Philosophy,SGB Amravati University,Amravati.(2013-2018)
  11. Member,Syllabus Framing Committee,Solapur University,Solapur.(UG & PG)
  12. Member, RRC Solapur University,Solapur.
  13. Editor, ‘Social Existence’ International Research Journal with ISSN.
  14. Completed 1 Minor Research Project.
  15. Ph.D referee of Nagpur University,Mumbai University, Solapur University.
  16. Paper setter,Moderator, Examiner at UG & PG level,  S.R.T.M.U., Nanded.
  17. Marathi Darshan Mahakosh  – Co-Editor.
  18. Member-Committee For Self Study Material Construction ,North Maharashtra University,Jalgaon.
  19. Maharashtra state Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board’s Philosophy and Logic Board Of Studies -Joint Convener- (2014 – 15)

D) Achievements:            

  1. Maharashtra Tatvadnyan Parishad, 22nd conference was conducted by this Department.
  2. Syllabus Reconstruction workshop was organized by this Department.
  3. NET/SET guidance workshop was conducted.
  4. National Level Seminar was organized by this Department.(Professional ethics: Medical & Legal Professions).
  5. National Level Seminar was organized by this Department.(Sartre’s existentialist philosophy and the freedom of individual today).

E) Future Plan:

  1. To start P.G.
  2. To Arrange Lectures by eminent faculties.
  3. To Arrange seminar, workshop and conference.